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WQUSA is a worldwide Komatsu dealer of premium quality Komatsu aftermarket parts. Simply put, it’s what we do. With over 50 years combined industry experience, and a list of customers expanding the globe, we are better positioned to fulfill your Komatsu parts orders than many Komatsu dealers are. We offer both, aftermarket Komatsu parts and Genuine Komatsu surplus parts. Our Komatsu parts are sourced from verified quality manufacturers. We feel so confident in the quality of our parts, that we offer same as Komatsu Genuine parts warranty on every Komatsu part we offer. In today’s business environments, OEMs cannot afford to make every part themselves; like us, the hire other manufacturers to build quality components just like us. We are blessed to live in a time when a Komatsu dealer half way across the world can serve us just as well as our local dealers. Gone are the days when our local dealers can monopolize our business. We use technology to source and deliver your parts within 5 days to most of the world. We ship parts to every corner of the world, by air, ocean, rail or any other means available. And we understand that time is money and you’re not in business to waste time. So count on us for all your Komatsu parts and save 50% on average over Komatsu dealer price.

We offer a wide selection of alternators for Komatsu Equipment from a variety of OEM suppliers. These days you can probably get an alternator pretty much anywhere and at a very low cost. But as the saying goes….”you get what you pay for”. What’s the cost of diagnosing your Komatsu Alternator and getting a tech there to replace it? When you end up replacing it again in less than a years’ time, how much did you really save?

Our bearings for Komatsu heavy equipment are sourced from Italy and Japan. They are always manufactured by top manufacturers for durability and strength. It’s not enough to buy cheap parts, quality matters. Our Komatsu bearings are warrantied for a full year just like Komatsu’s.

When buying a quality bushing for your Komatsu equipment, you must consider the materials and the design. How does it compare to the original Komatsu part? What materials is it made of? What’s the cost of replacing it. Our Komatsu Bushings are manufactured in Italy, and made to match the metal composition and greasing patterns of the original Komatsu part. The hardness of the material is also measured and applied to ensure durability and performance. Our customer reviews often state that our bushings are even better than Komatsu. So don’t buy cheap Komatsu replacement bushings. Buy quality parts for the long haul.

We offer a host of Komatsu aftermarket parts. We are continually adding cushions and other parts for Komatsu articulated dump trucks. Premium aftermarket Komatsu parts.

We’ve been sourcing Komatsu engine parts for over 25 years, and we are extremely proud to say that even offering same as Komatsu warranty on all of our engine parts we’ve only had a single warranty claim in the past 10 years. Our Komatsu engine parts are built to last, and our Komatsu engine rebuild kits are the most complete kits available anywhere. Smart owners don’t cut corners when rebuilding their Komatsu engines, because even a low-quality seal or spring can cost you a head or an engine. So shop our Komatsu engine parts and engine kits and save 50% while getting the same as Komatsu parts warranty.

Complete selection of engine gasket kits and other for your Komatsu equipment. Don’t invest your hard-earned money to rebuild and engine with cheap gaskets. Buying quality Komatsu gaskets is imperative to keep your Komatsu running for years to come.

We specialize in wear parts like Komatsu pins and bushings. All of our pins are sourced from a premier manufacturer in Italy. Buy Komatsu pins and save 50% without sacrificing quality.

We offer a large selection of Komatsu cylinder seal kits, o-rings, and many more sealing products. Our seals are built to last. Try our Komatsu replacement seal kits.

Keep you Komatsu equipment running with premium quality Komatsu Transmission and Final Drive parts from vetted, quality suppliers all over the world.

Keep your machine running with Komatsu turbochargers from CPP. Top quality turbochargers and kits for your Komatsu engines.